Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shallow but happy

I love make-up. It brings me more pleasure than should be allowed from mere frivolous pigment. And I really wear it...

I like to wear slightly off the wall make up. I love really dark soft smudgy eyeliner (Barry M does a fabulous one) worn in a heavy ring. Or precise liquid liner in an elegant wing. I adore brightly coloured eyeliners and eyeshadows - electric blue, golden green, punky purple. I wear them in intense blocks, or blended together in arching rainbows (a current favourite is 4 shades of blue, from kingfisher to almost black - mmmm). I also have a love affair with deep dark lipsticks - my favourites are a rich blue-toned red and a juicy blackcurrant stain. Obviously, I don't wear all of these items at once. That would be off the wall. Very off. Eyes or lips, people, eyes OR lips.

Because makeup is so important to me, it can often be the foundation of an outfit. I'll decide on the makeup, then fit the outfit round it. For instance, this weekend is the medic's ball, and I'm wearing the dark red lippy. So I've therefore picked a black dress with shiny silvery accessories to go with the lipstick....

My dear housemate Sylvia (my running partner - and yes, it is going well, we're up to 18 mins, which is prob about 3km) is gorgeous in a casual Cameron Diaz way. She has the coolest kookiest dress sense, and always wears fab necklaces. But no makeup. She can manage concealer and mascara, and that's it. So this year I have been teaching her how to apply makeup. Its been tricky - despite being competent and confident, she is completely cack-handed as soon as a mascara wand is in her hand. And also, what works on me (anything) doesn't always work on other people. God blessed me with large eyes framed with high open brows. Plenty of space to work with!

Anyway, tonight we finally got Sylvia's makeup perfect. Subtle, flattering, easily reproduced by the girl herself. And I was so immensely satisfied.

I love makeup.

Currently wearing: my new ring - a treat to wear for the ball on Saturday.


Zombie said...

Oooh a ball! You are so lucky. On the way to the bus stop today I saw two little girls on their way to school fully kitted out as princesses. (I then saw st.George so I assume it was a fancy dress day) I was quite quite jealous. Have a lovely time!

I have been looking everywhere for a dark red blue toned lipstick that is still red, not purple, where did you find it? I have been looking for about 6 months!

You forget glitter my dear. Never never forget glitter...

Kelly said...

Is tonight "Ball Night"? Have fun... (Both glamming yourself beforehand and actually at the ball itself ;-))

ditzydoctor said...

and finally someone who shares my love for makeup! :D

hope you're having a fab time! :D