Thursday, April 03, 2008

Do you know what I've been singing all afternoon?

Algy met the bear,
The bear met Algy,
The bear was bulgy,
The bulge was Algy...

(and that's a song for innocent little school kids. Why do all seemingly 'nice' kids stories and songs have some sort of creepy moral to them?)


the little medic said...

There is a childrens story called 'Too Many Daves' and is just one euphamism (how the hell do you spell that) for sex after another. Its ridiculously rude!

Honestly, its no wonder the teenage pregnancy rate is so high!

Anna said...

I googled the 'Too Many Daves' story. Yes, there's a few dodgy moments, but I mostly blame your clearly one track mind.

Oh dear TLM, oh dear oh dear...

Blaze said...

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