Monday, April 07, 2008

Evolving Language

I love the way new verbs are created from nouns.

Such as the medschool classic I heard this morning in a clinical skills session (yes, they were finally teaching us to take blood - after 3 years of doing it...). We have a system in place for clinical staff to flag up a potential problem students by filling in a concern form. The form is used for students who have a personal problem, or who seem to be struggling, or are unprofessional (rude to staff or patients, late, low standards of personal hygiene - I kid you not). The form is a bright lemon yellow, hence the ubiquitous phrase:

'That bastard surgeon yellow-formed me for being late to the start of his list!'

Ah, the sweet sweet joy of the evolution of language.


Marysienka said...

One of my fav is "to be Harry Pottering" ;) I love the English language for this. Smth we can't do in French.

Anna said...

Ooooo thats a new one on me! Does it mean to be reading Harry Potter, or to be pretending to belong to the magical world, or to be an obsessive fan?

I am sad that you can experience the joy in French.

Marysienka said...

It means all of this I think!!

the little medic said...

I think I would have been yellowed rather a lot!