Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Official: I'm old

I rang my family last night (to warn of an impending package and negotiate some money from the bank of Mum and Dad), and spoke to my little sister first:

'Mum's finishing her dinner... She says ring her back in 5 minutes.'

'Can't I just talk to you for 5 minutes?'

'Why? I've got nothing to say to you.'

Humph. Yeah well, I managed to keep her in some sort of conversation for 3 1/2 minutes, before my Mum took over.

'So, did she tell you her bit of news?'

'Umm no, she was rubbish, and didn't want to talk to me.'

'Well... [dramatic pause] ...she became a woman this week.'

Cue momentarily silence from me as I work this one out.

'Oh God! Poor kid. That sucks. Now she knows how rubbish it is to be a woman. And its for the reat of her life. Nearly.'

So there you have it. My baby sister is reproductively mature and I'm officially old. Am I mean to be jealous that she didn't start her periods til 13 1/2 years, and I was only 12?


Marysienka said...

oooh sister talk- for one moment, I thought you were talking to my little sister he he!

I think the average age for menarch is 12. I thought it was like 11 now, I mean, it seems to me that girls are more developped than before (although it may just be me getting old...). Ortho#1 calls it " the McDonald's syndrome"; it must be the hormones they put in their chicken, seeing that kids eat a lot at McD ;)

Anyway, congrats to your lilsis for becoming a woman! oh poor thing... (thank god for continuous BC pill!)

Anna said...

I'll be sure to pass those sentiments along...!

I'm not sure if kids are developing faster, maybe its because my little sister is far far behind me. If they are, then I'm with Ortho no1 - its definitely food hormones.