Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Job

As part of GMC requirements for medical students graduating, we all have to complete at least one week of shadowing on our job for August. I started my shadowing yesterday. And of course you're gagging to hear the gory details right?

I started on the ward round, which is very disorganised. There are two F1s covering 6 orthopaedic consultants, with a bunch of regs and SHOs of whom I haven't worked out which is which or what any of their names are. Sigh. The F1s seem randomly allocated to cover various consultants patients, depending on who's around and who gets first dibs on the smallest patient lists. It's rubbish. The F1 doing my job is an overseas graduate with several years of experience behind him. He thinks the job is 'easy' and has a rather laissez faire attitiude to it all. No-one writes a job list, which I find very very upsetting. How can you know if you've done all the jobs if you don't know what they were in the first place? Argh!

I haven't met my consultant yet, as he's on holiday, but I'm already thinking he is going to be rather a drag. My official hours will be 8am - 5pm, but he will expect me to meet him on the ward at 7.30am every Monday and Tuesday to see patients before the 8am trauma meeting. Oh joy of joys. I won't be going home any earlier. But there are huge gaping holes in the day with nothing to do, where the F1s hang in the mess and play pool, or shop online. It's going to drive me bonkers - I like to be busy and doing all the time.

I'm really enjoying all the x-rays though!


Lily said...

That sounds like my idea of disorgansied hell. Maybe you'll be able to start a new streak of organisation when you start the job

the little medic said...

Yes, that sounds exceptionally disorganised. Although, its ortho, so you're probably not going to be able to change much.

Interesting that you already know your hours, what about your banding?

My shadowing is only a week, and its not until the week before I start my post. Everyone else in NW has to do 4 weeks of it.

Anna said...

I'm only guessing the hours, based on what the previous f1s do! in a similar way, I think I'm going to be 1b, but we've had no official word on it as yet.

4 weeks of shadowing? I'm regretting signing up for 2! 1 week is definitely enough.

The disorganisation may be improved by the rota-writing consultant returning from holiday next week. Here's hoping!

Marysienka said...

Well, ortho, you can't ask too much from them! (oh man, what am I doing spending the next eight weeks with them?). And what are "regs" and SHOs?!
As for the free time, just be happy to be paid to surf the net, it won't happen too much in the future!

Dragonfly said...

Good grief. Are you being paid for this? At least it leads to a job.

Anna said...

Yes, it seems in August I will be paid to chill out in the doctors mess and join the enormous pool tournament. Crazy huh?

Regs = registrars. Which they shouldn't be called anymore. Doctors who are well on their way to the top of the tree, but haven't got as far as consultants! SHOs are senior house officers, ie above me but not a reg. The new system will standardize this - F1 and F2 are the first two years out of medschool, then specialist training (ST) 1-6, then consultants. Plus or minus subconsultants, staff grade, and associate specialists. Yeah, I work here and I don't have a clue how it all fits together exactly :)