Friday, July 04, 2008

Untitled post passing the time of day with the internet

I haven't been upto much. Extended holidays don't make for interesting posts... Here's a quick run through of what I've been up to for the last week or so:

1. Making earrings from beads and buttons. Yes, I know, just what I need before starting a new job, another time and soul consuming hobby.

2. Watching the new Narnia film, and being disappointed by its lack of heart. It's spectacular and glossy and magical and completely lacking the spark that makes you care. I loved the first one, and after all the hype surrounding this one I was just so disappointed. I wanted to love it and I just couldn't.

3. Going to Ikea and blowing the budget. Wheeee! I am very excited about putting it all together but that will sadly have to wait until next weekend, as most of the stuff I bought is too big for my car and will have to come up with my parents at graduation. Watch this space for updated photos of my room!

4. Being a glorified taxi service for my brother and sister. Next time I come home for the week, it will be on the train, to avoid having to take them places, pick them up from places, and wait while they have job interviews/driving theory tests/dental appointments. Sigh.

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Marysienka said...

#4- welcome to the club! Can't wait til the parents come back from their trip. I'm lilsister's designed taxi driver, which is about to drive me crazy (no pun!)!

I've never watched Narnia. I just watched 27 dresses and thought it was cute ;)